Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just Changing Things Up

When a dear friend invited me on a trip this coming December it made me think, do I want to be this sedentary when I go? No. I was invited to Walt Disney World and the last time I went I was a little smaller than I am right now. Due to surgery and other crap that I let get to me, I am now pushing the larger of the size that I am.

Do I start ordering a new size? Knowing that I would only ever be able to order stuff on-line and from specialties, it was real wake-up call.

I am not saying that being plus-size is bad or that going to up in size would be the end of my world. For me, I  have always wanted to go on a long hiking trip and my body just cannot do that right now. My goal is to go down a size (or more) in order to fit so many more things.

I started to eat healthier, but I realized I had no real idea how many calories I was eating. I had looked at a website that had a database of food and I stated to keep a journal of how much per day. I looked more on that website and saw all the benefits of signing up. My Fitness Pal was really helpful to me. They have an excellent community that teaches you how methods worked for some. Every day I log what I eat and drink. When you sign-up for free, you tell them your height and weight and they tell you how many calories you should be eating per day in order to loose weight at a reasonable rate.

I log everything I eat and keep in mind how many calories I have to be satisfied and not starving. This is a lifestyle change. I like how I feel without eating fast food and lots of red meat.

I was doing an exercise routine everyday since I have signed up, but my knees have been acting up. I cannot wait for them to heal so I can get back at it.

Here is the video I have been doing. She will have you sweat very quickly. 

Below are some meals that I have been having. Healthy can be pretty.

Loaded oatmeal

Smoothie in food processor 

 Smoothie with spinach and fruit.

 Loaded salad with egg, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, dried cranberries. 

Chicken wrap with quinoa & avocado. Pretzels on the side

Salad with quinoa and tuna. 


Kale chips

Disney pretzels


Spicy Lentil Soup 

 Baked salmon

 Burrito bowl for Chipotle

I love that I am finally taking care of myself and I think it really shows. 

It has only been a few weeks. I will keep you updated on my progress and I will share recipes also. 

Just wanting to be comfortable in my own skin. 

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