Monday, May 20, 2013

Sometimes You Need To Visit A Castle

I had been a Disneyland annual passholder since I had moved down to Southern California. Disney had raised the prices in recent years and I don't go as often to justify the $650 per year. I do miss it and thankfully a very kind friend of mine was able to get me in. 

The cast of characters;

Me - In line for my favorite ride (yay) 

M & I waiting for our group. 

T & M

A doing.. well, only he knows. 

Know for some pictures of why I love Disney parks.
Welcome to details. 

In the car of Radiator Springs Racers.   

Above the line for a Mexican food take-and-go place. 

An entrance to the hotel. 

Sign outside of Pirates of the Caribbean (my favorite ride)  

In line for Haunted Mansion

They had a special exhibit on Iron Man 

He has a very cute... suit. 

Autopia looking at the Matterhorn. 

Being in my happy place. A very sincere smile after a happy day with some great people.   

How could you not be happy with this person by your side? 

Good-bye for now Mr. Disney and thank you for creating this park. 

The one souvenir I brought home was this little beauty.
It is the Mad Hatter's hat! I use it one the weekends only and I look forward to the weekends even more now. 

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