Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Last Night

After the bus ride from the raft trip, they dropped us off back at the start where we turned in our life vests. My dad only was wearing these water shoes which were not the best to walk around in so he walked back to the camp while I stayed and used the free Wi-Fi at Curry Village. After he got back we wanted to see and shop what we had not yet done. 

While waiting for the shuttle bus (hair done by wind / sweat and sun on a raft). 

The view from the shuttle bus stop at the recreational area. 

We had not seen the Native American museum on this trip. You get off the Visitor Center stop and it is just left of it (if you are looking directly at it in front). 

Trade route in the early era of Yosemite (that is located in the Visitor Center)

The Native American museum is small, but a wonderful resource on the people that originally lived in Yosemite. In the back of the museum is there types of homes that people used.  

Where they would grind acorns into flour. 

After the tour we went shopping into stores that have changed since I had been there last, but seeing the same style of gifts / knick knacks made me smile. Some things don't change. 

After shopping we went back to Housekeeping and while I prepared for dinner I wanted to show the details of the place I called home for almost a week. Tonight's simple dinner was hot dogs and hamburgers with a pre-made potato salad. 
I highly recommend after a long week of hiking, in the sun, not sleeping in your own bed, treking to take a shower... a easy, but hearty dinner the last night if the best thing I could have done. 

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