Monday, January 28, 2013

Good-bye Paradise - Part 1

Our last day in Yosemite had finally arrived. When I woke-up I was task oriented because I knew that I had to make breakfast, do the dishes, get myself ready, pack-up the car to check-out by 11 a.m. I did sleep in a little later than I had been, but luckily the shower house still had stalls open.
I cannot recommend this type of product enough (this is a sample size). When you are traveling or knowing that you will work up a sweat it is such a great resource. If you want your eye make-up to still be there at the end of the day, purchase it. 

Because I was dragging my feet on packing up because I was happy to get home to my own bed, but I was sad that I was leaving a place that makes me smile and my worries disappear. I was sitting on the bed and one of the squirrels that seemed to live at this cabin came closer than he had all week. 

Then he run back to the tree or the holes that he made under the patio.

There are many reasons that you are not supposed to feed them, one of the milder reasons is that they lose hair. See below.
See the piece of apple. Dropped a piece and he ran over to it, he was at first interested in it and was eating it, but then noticed the chips that we were packing up. He was not a fan of the healthy food anymore and kept jumping up to the table or into other things (see below). I picked-up the rest of the apple piece and kept having to tell him no and to get out of things (he did mind well...eventually).

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it because it is such a look of "Give me chips or I will give this bag rabbies!" 

We had zero problems with them, but on this last day he was all over us. I think they have learned that when people are packing up they tend to leave things unattended and time to swoop in. 

I have never seen this type of mattress in the store. It was comfortable enough, but that maybe because I am used to a cushy pillow top mattress (spoiled American, I know).

Hi Dad.

The bunk beds where I always slept growing up. Oh that ladder, I know you well.

Good-bye fire pit. You gave me heat on those chilly nights, you were a version of tv - just watch and relax, and most important you made me S'mores and how could I not love you for that? 

Good-bye backyard for the last (almost) week. You were the best backyard I have ever yard. Stay the same. See next fall (sorry, yearbook reference).

Adios kitchen table and prep area. Had some wonderful food on you. You helped me recharge after long days and chilly nights.
I will see you again. I personally loved this location. I could see the river from the table, close to showers, bathrooms, close to bridge. As I am writing this (in January) I still wish I was there right now. It would be awful right now (for me) because I am chilly in Los Angeles and it is supposed to be 60 degrees. Right now there is snow in Yosemite see, but I would still like to try.

If you noticed my dad wearing a jacket and the guy in the red jacket, you might have figured out something. The day before we were on the river where I got a slight sunburn, but on this day, I don't think people will be on the river.

This is the Friday of Memorial Day. The unofficial beginning of summer, yet it was chilly and windy. Remember that when you are in the mountains you never know what the weather is going to be like so pack layers, it helps.

We packed the car, said good-bye to our cabin and since there was no key to turn-in, there is no real check-out process, you just leave. The next area in the valley is Curry Village and this is also the area (in the back corner of the parking lot - close to the main road) where you can get different passes like the senior pass that my dad was trying to get. Between the crowd in there (start of Memorial day) getting their camping reservations in order and the inexperience of the person helping us, let's just say that the pass was not obtained that day and were told we could get it at the park entrance / exit. 

We did not have to be in LA by a certain time so we made our way around Curry Village again and then drove (on the way out) to the Village Store. This is the place to buy any souvenir that you wanted which is why I spent about $60.00 on stuff that I love, but do they really serve a purpose? Really? No. 

The Village Store has always had a parking lot behind the building, but on a weekend like this it would never do. My dad decided to not even try and park there and go to the lost across the way. Smart choice. It was chaotic and it even the over flow lot was busy, but it has a nice view. You can pick-up a shuttle bus that will take up to the visitor's center (and not just the mini version in the dome tent), but we just made the walk - easy enough. The park had definitely gotten busier since we had arrived on the previous Sunday.

This is the point that I realized that I was sad to be leaving, but with the amount of people coming into the park I was ok with leaving. It was taking a lot longer to get to things that were a snap to get to.

I kept having to remind myself that it was late May because the weather was changing fast and since our travels causes us to go up to even higher elevations than the valley floor (at 3,000+ feet) maybe we should get going. You never know.
On the way out of the valley, I had realized that we never got pictures of El Captain up close. In these conditions we were not going to get the best photos, but I liked the way the valley looked. All a mater of opinion. We walked into the meadow along the path and it started to rain. 

Hard to explain how massive this monolith is. You just have to look up in awe. Just have to.

Oh hoodie, you kept me warm, but not the best fashion statement. Warmth > looks.

"Are we done Laurie? It is raining you know." Yes, I knew, but I also knew I was saying good-bye to the valley that seems to be a part of my soul.

I will not be seeing drives like this anytime soon.

Part 2 soon... and then the reason I have taken such a long break from blogging.

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