Saturday, October 6, 2012

On / In The Water

After they strapped me into my very sexy life vest, we watched the presentation of how to paddle (for those that did not know) and what to avoid. They explained that this was more of relaxed version of rafting than you might have seen. 

Our trusty raft. 

You have to walk your raft across the street and down to the water, but one of the people that worked there carried my part of the raft and helped us load it into the water and gave a nice big push. I was in the front of the raft and my dad was in the back. 

This face of his? Describes how he was most of the time in the raft. He seemed to be half doing it. There was some yelling on my part because in the back you can really move the boat, but he kept only stroking on one side. 

The first beach that you come to is right around the bend of the river, but this is also the beach at housekeeping camp so we skipped this one. 

The calm, but moving water. 

Once we had gotten on a better pace. 

There are only certain sections of the river that you can stop on the beaches because they are trying to restore them. What you used to be able to do in Yosemite would shock you today. We need to protect what beauty we have. When you see signs telling you not to go in an area please respect them. We need to have this park around for generations. 

I had decided to just pack snacks, but my dad had made a full on lunch. It was nice and peaceful knowing that at this moment I could have been at work, but instead I was in Yosemite National Park, eating a granola bar, taking a break from rafting, feet in the river and not a care in the world. 

Back in the raft we had to get through an obstacle. One of the bridges has trees down in the water on one side and on the other side there were rocks that would end your day. They had an employee directing you to the right underpass. The current does not want you to go down the middle so it does take some coordination.  

Since we were not that far away from the end of our trip we stopped one more time on a very rocky beach. 

At the end of the journey there is someone in the river directing you where to get out. You walk the raft up the beach, down the path to a flat bed truck. Next to the truck is a bus that takes you back to where you started. 

The bus was not the newest around, but it was nice to feel the air conditioner after being on the water in the sun.  

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