Monday, November 21, 2011

Packing List Series - For meeee!!!

need to get

need to get by lauriead23 featuring tortoiseshell sunglasses

For awhile now I have not spent any money on myself. I have spent money on normal food and things to survive, but actual clothes or goodies then it is no. My fiance does not ask me to spend it on him, but I know that I could take birthday money and get some new jeans or I could use the ones I have for longer and get us food or other needed things.

In December our financial situation is going to get better which means I get to get new jeans (happy dance being done) and replace the other pants that have worn out (inner thigh thing).

The above board shows what kind of style is my inspiration for when we go to Yosemite plus some shorts, but they are not the easiest things to find right now. Just because we are going to be in a place with dirt all around and we will be hiking does not mean I have to look a certain way. This to me is a basic with color. I am not brave enough to do those hikes that require you to have all your gear on your back so I have the ability to go a lot fancier than some.

Since my favorite color is red you will be seeing that pop-up a bit. We are going to be there in late May so it can get warm, but still cool in the shade and at night so I am going to work with layers. I really do love that deep purple hoodie and sneakers that have that pop of color like both of those do.

I have the sneakers that I wore to Europe (in 2002) and other ones that I got a year or two after that, so getting new ones I know I will keep for years so I need to make a good investment in those. My fiance and I both have wide feet and the best company that I have found that makes good shoes and that don't look like they are for your grandma has been New Balance. This site has some great discounts on their shoes.

I get to go shopping soon. yay!

What do you buy for yourself that you feel is a great investment?

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